Stress Buster XL

Stress Buster XL v1.0 by Professor Pickles

Virtually *KILL* stress (of anything!).

In todays busy-busy rush-rush lifestyle things can get pretty damn stressful pretty damn quickly!
Sometimes however, it’s NOT always that easy to just simply, LET-GO of it! :0(

All those things that does-your-head-in,
or stresses you out

is not always easy to deal with! 🙁

Because some of these things can be BEYOND-NORMAL!
Thus requires beyond-normal means,(to deal with)

So wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to litteraly, KILL-STRESS?!
(whatevers stressing-you-out, or – doing-your-head-in – to kill it)

Well with Stress Buster XL, Now you CAN, virtually KILL STRESS!
and it’s as simple as load, draw, or capture it!


Load it, (a picture of whatevers stressing you out)
Draw it, (whatevers stressing you out)
Screen Capture it (whatevers stressing you out)

And shoot it! – and it’s as simple as that!
as shown below :>

Stress Buster XL – Load it FEATURE (how to use part 1)

Stress Buster XL – Capture it FEATURE (how to use part 2)

Stress Buster XL – Draw it FEATURE (how to use part 3)

Stress Buster XL v1.0 is compatible with
Microsoft windows version xp+

Filesize : 7.6 MB

No Spyware, No Malware,No Viruses, NO NONSENSE!
Just free to try, forever!

PAD File for this distribution located at :>

Quick link to this page available at